Code Is Poetry

During the past one and a half years of my affiliation with the power of wordpress, I’ve many a times given a thought as to what makes it tick? How can someone “really” earn by such community service? What really makes these guys sit and write poetry that many of us usurp with undue negligence? At first I thought it was just the fame and maybe even money. As my association with the world of blogging (and bloggers) grew I realize fame and a few dollars are just the last thing on a developer’s mind!

Think of it as a simple love story. When I began blogging I really never thought about putting up something good; I never even knew so much can be done with one simple blog. But I did do it and in the end it was the countless plugins and themes of wordpress that pulled me up whenever I thought of losing my site to the perils of maintaining it.

I am sure I would have seen the face of hundreds of plugins and innumberable themes that, not only satisfied my wild desire of having a “neat” site but also, developed my confidence in the open source nature of the whole thing! Be it aesthetics or style or a mere whim almost all of my ideas have already been met, matched and surpassed by men and women whom I may never get to know. What’s more they had the wonderful idea of putting it all together for public like me to feast upon!

I’ve seen developers build massive plugins from scratch just because it is fun to experiment; I’ve seen professionals code simplistic yet much needed and longed for features just because they have the desire to see their work reach millions. In its own way WordPress is truly the biggest employer amongst its peers; an organization encompassing thousands of laborious and compassionate workers, whose ideals are drawn by a vision to see a better platform to share ideas and a better way to communicate. Kudos to you all.

I initially thought of writing about all the great plugins and the theme which are presently ticking under the hood (or rather the shell) of this page, but I feel that would be a gross injustice to the many others which have lived and died here! To be frank, I feel wordpress itself is just the brain and trunk of the beautiful piece of coding that it is. It is the undemanding and selfless world of plugins and themes that makes it more than just beautiful – a flawless masterpiece!

This post is a just my simple dedication to the many people who are putting my thoughts (and maybe yours as well) into action. If not anything you can call this as my humble way of saying thanks to these folks for letting me live my dreams. Great job guys – keep the poems flowing!


Ryan Allen says:

Good point, I think you hit the nail on the head here. Thanks go out to the folks that make open source and free content management possible!

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