Just a passing thought. Whenever I try to picturise a perfect dawn, these are a few things that come to my mind:

  • Two mighty mountains
  • A calm river flowing by and some fishes swimming their way
  • A house, with a sloped roof-top, on the bank of the river
  • Few birds flying by
  • A cock/ hen crowing away
  • A dog stretching itself lazily in front of the house.
  • A small garden in front of one of the open windows of the house.
  • A small road leading from the front door of the house to… don’t know where exactly! (Probably it’s leading me towards the house)
  • Obviously, the Sun rising from between the two mountains
  • And of course myself somewhere inside this picture 🙂

…hmm. Just wishing for another Malgudi! Hope we can still find such a place by the end of this decade (Sigh!).

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