Stardom, fanaticism, craze, sleaze, fame, glory, conspiracies, gossips, limelight – a mix of all these; Cinema is all about it.

People get easily affected by what they hear and what they see. To a lot of people to see, is to believe. Imagine what would happen when a deadly mix of sight, sound and act get together. It could take you to new heights; make you visualize things which you can hardly ever dream of; things which are fantastic, to things which are mundane.

Cinema has always played a pivotal role of bringing together people by showcasing things which are common but are seldom discussed; serious stuff which when looked from another perspective can make it look laughable; uniting people – in both hatred and love for a substance or a person.

There are common traits which happen day-to-day across the globe; activities which cut across the man-made geographical boundaries. These are the things which make humans what they are – humans. Cinema highlights them. No censoring, no holds barred. Just put it across to people and slap it across their face.

These traits can be anything from common religious beliefs to drawing a line between what is right or wrong. Just think about it. One starlet can decide to glorify violence or comedy or just some action – anything, and hundreds follow suit without even caring a dime as to how it affects them or the others around. That’s the power they wield. And to think the type of people that they turn out to be when getting into scandals or even going against their own on-screen (on-stage) actions! They not only bring down their fame, but also the hope and belief thousands of their fans had them. Faith is but a fickle seed.

But there are those who breathe, live and die acting. But for those few, cinema would have been a stale, stinking pool of mud. Thank goodness for those selected few! These are the type of men and women that people want to be identified with ultimately. “I am from ABC; you know the place from where Mr. XYZ hails!

Unfortunately, people are such die-hard fans of such actors that they somehow manage to take Mr. XYZ away from what he’s best at doing – act. Make him their leader, believe that he can never wrong and end up making him another one of those forgettable and sorry losers. Then the whole cycle starts with yet another Mr. XYZ!

There is not much difference between life and cinema. One of it just happens to take place in a big white screen (and has been painted black by the media). The craving is much the same on either side albeit for different reasons. What can I say people; it’s a perfect symbiosis – a wonderful two-way love story!

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