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It Is Over – Is It?

You think it is over,
You are happy about it too.
But remember, there are ways
In which it can return.

It returns to haunt you forever.
That which never began to end,
Can never see the end of the tunnel.
And it will blind the daylight for you too.

For such things are god forbidden
It should never occur to anyone,
Not even to the enemy dearest.
One man Project – is a nightmare come true!


Eddie or better known as “Tough” Ed was one hell of a worker. Slogging for more than 18 hours a day-7 days a week is no mean task. He was one of the young workers in the buzzing socialist colony of Bouzo – a place where one could always find the “work–>earn–>work” rule in its full swing. Since he was a kid, Ed had never been trained in anything special apart from picking up the goods on his back delivering it at the store house and getting “peanuts” in return. It was, as his father had once told him, the only means of existence – to survive the caste driven policies of Bouzo. “You can never become anything other than a worker, as night can never become day” his father used to tell him.

His dad had died while trying to carry some goods which were simply too heavy for him. “Crushed by the weight” said some; “Crushed by his age” said a few more; “Crushed by Bouzo” thought Ed. It didn`t matter, death of one ageing worker in a colony which was reproducing twice it`s number every few days was no big deal for anyone.



The system is imperfect.
Well so am I.
I was made just perfect enough to be a part of the system.
In here, there is no such thing as perfect.
The system has been perfected for that.


Voter’s Card

I had a small correction to make in my voter’s ID card. I was told by many that this will be some ordeal and I wasn’t even assured of getting my card back. With the elections just a week away, these buggers decided to postpone the corrections till the last moment!

Much against all odds, I decided to go for it. First of all I had to visit the corporation office and enquire where this whole thing was being done. Luckily for me, the school was right behind the office.

As soon as I went there, I could see a lot of unruliness. People were standing in different queues without even knowing whether they belonged there. In some places, there was nothing called a line. To add to all this, there was not a single sign/ board which told where to get new card issued, were corrections were made, were people can get duplicates etc.

I managed to find a person who told me what to do. I was asked to fill up some form which asked me 2 fill up my district name, taluk name etc. Hell, I just wanted to correct the mistake in my age! As soon as I handed over the form, the guy asked me if I was sure whether my age in the data base was correct. Well, I am not exactly the DBA you know and I mentioned I didn’t know.


Indian Cinema

I was just going through some really amazing videos of a certain Indian cine star in YouTube and I couldn’t help wondering if the heroes and directors ever get to watch their own film before its release? If at all they do, either they have cruel hearts or empty minds. It so happens that some of the so called action film run to 100 days of success because of it being treated as a comedy film!


In News

It’s been a long time since I heard pleasant news on TV. The reporting channels seem to be very busy scooping up the latest filth, add a little bit of spice and call it the way to live and showcase it happily to the whole world. And the entire world falls for the crap without even raising a question!