Candle In The Night

The night was beautiful
The place was quiet
I had my companion found
In the melting candle’s wax!

Stood I, watching
With unblinking eyes
The candle played a dance
To the tune of the wind.

A strange sight it was
To see a stick so small
With a wick so frail
Driving away a darkness forlorn.

The light given outward
Showed me an insight
To the one burning from within
Unmindful yet of self-demise!

And some insignificant insects
Buzzed around with pleasure,
Having found a ‘god’ to pray,
Swayed they to the tunes of the forces…

The candle started to burn
With vigor and delight
As if fed with a force
Beyond grasp of the ignorant few.

Slowly, yet with grace
Melted away, the hero of the night
In silence did darkness engulf
All the goodness that had once been.

Finding no more divinity to appease,
Having no more song to dance to,
The insects did scatter away
Into the open hands of darkness.

I pitied for some time – the warrior burnt!
And touched the melted messiah
‘Ouch’ – a burn! Somethings in this world
Make a mark, even after they are long gone!

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