Breaking the Routine

It was the beginning of an uncertain year. If there was any certainity in life, it was that our routine life was going to be shaken up. That we were to fly out of the nest of three years that we had gotten so very comfortable with.

Being the introverted family guy that I am, it was quite a hurdle. I was headed for a new project, a new location and an unknown set of challenges and perhaps the toughest for me – was to make new friends. I am not considering the hurdles that were faced by my family as well.

Going away meant, my mother had to move out and stay alone again, that my wife had to get herself out of yet another job for the “sake of the family” and the kids had to break their bonds of friendship and schooling routine which they had, unknown to themselves, chisled with so much innocence! They (and to an extent me too) had very little knowledge that they were going to be pushed out of their everyday playtime routine to a weird cycle of home-school-home!

It meant that my aim of keeping our kid’s childhood rooted to one place was shattered already in three years! But this life is a race; and the moment you stop running and chasing something seems like a lost chance.

By April we made the move to the UK. If you compare what other families had gone through this year in the name of “safely migrating”, this was nothing earth shattering ; yet another family moving their camp. It felt as if hardly anyone noticed. We turned a blind eye to the dull moments and started looking towards a better year.

It was no smooth sailing. The last few months of the year especially – lots of broken sleep and very little time for anything else. Work kept me occupied. I lost a few lusts down the line – that for gadgets and photography to name a few. Hopefully not lost forever; probably just slumbering in the back of my mind!

Of course, I cannot center an year just around my family. The world around has seen way too much of changes. Be it the new government back in my country or shroud of evil clasping millions in the middle-east or the fast changing attitude towards environmental damage thanks to the recent “mostly man-made” catastrophies (that seems to be ominously on the rise).

Good or bad – 2015 was surely an eventful year for most of us; it is just a matter of whether you woke up on the other side of the mirror with a fresh outlook of life or simply pretended that whatever you witnessed was just another mirage! I hope we only have the courage to take the bitter learnings into the next one and the common sense to not lose our path in the little successes that we managed to have. 2016 – here we come!


Bhaskar says:

Happy New year Rajesh, hope you get back your lust again 🙂 . See you in office in 2016

Sripriya Srinivasan says:


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