B’lore Trip

Return trip to B’lore was a bit strained under the effect of the afternoon sun, otherwise it was all okay. I was a bit eager to roam around the place with whatever free time we could find (which was like around 2 hours). I kind of liked the pleasant weather of the city. So much of traffic and all, still climate was good.

My friends took me to a mall called Forum in Koramangala. Place seemed good. Reminded me of Gurgaon malls. Lots of things to look at! Anyways, just roamed around and went to a nearby restaurant. One thing which I found disturbing to my teetotalers nature were the number of bars/ pubs in that vicinity – just my orthodox/ puritan self speaking up. And yeah, the restaurants were a bit too costly for my liking.

The place where we had dinner – Oyster-something don’t remember the name also (too many restaurants for my puny brain to remember you see) charged something like 350 bucks for some starter. But since it’s not very frequent thing, had a good dinner there. The cost of living certainly is too high when compared to good old Chennai. Probably, there may be cheaper restaurants, but didn’t have time to check those out.

All said and done, good trip – enjoyed it. Just missed out on roaming around the city and maybe have a look at Infy campus (but I did have a look at it from outside). Seemed really nice (and big, I was told). My friends promised me of taking me around the city for sure, the next time I visit. Hopefully will try visiting B’lore again in the near future.

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