B’lore Trip

This weekend was really good. Had a nice trip to B’lore-Yercaud (actually Yercaud only). I had been told what a ‘hep’ place B’lore is and all that and was really curious to see what all the fuss was all about. Ya it was my first time to the famed city! But plans to roam around in the city crashed when my friends informed me that they have arranged for a one day trip to Yercaud.

Not that I mind going to a place which I visited very much recently, infact it was totally different ’cause of the set of people I was travelling with was entirely different. Anyways, the trip was very much okay. Yercaud is not a place with too much to see. Just went to Kiliyur falls (trek), some view points and did a bit of boating. Had a lot of fun showing off my new gadgets (cellphone and digi cam).

While on the way we were stopped all of a sudden at Yercaud check post. Reason, one of my friends sitting in the front was looking a bit ‘Musalmanic’ to the authorities. So whats the big deal you may ask. Well seems like they are checking up ‘such people’ due to recent Mumbai blasts! What the heck? So this is what Muslims in this country will be subjected to? Shame on such policing. That guy had to show his “sacred thread” to prove really how sacred he was!

Besides, I don’t think those who bombed Mumbai will be roaming with such an attire! God only knows the logic behind such great thinking of our law holders. That guy was saying something like “you people may laugh at such policing but we do get secret messages which you guys will not know. We need to be extra careful during such times”. Whatever!

Had a good trip at Yercaud, the weather was good. We almost had to turn back due to non-availability of accommodation. But, thanks to heavens, we managed to get some small house. We roamed around and had a gala time. Not too many good hotels in Yercaud if you ask me, just a few around the boating place. And the people there do show a bit of thadi (read arrogance), if you ask me. One of my friends happened to take a bit too much of vegetables in a hotel and the waiter’s reaction was “friend you should not be taking so much you know“! Don’t know what he was trying to emphasize by driving away the few customers, that he gets, with words like these.

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