Black Forest

I never realized that even a weekend trip could refresh oneself so much. Now I understand why the Black Forest area stands out as one of Germany’s most favorite holiday spots!

Our day began with a long train journey. It was good in a way as we could really enjoy the scenery towards the end of the journey when the plains and grass lands gave way to hilly terrains and tall dark trees. The climate was also turning from hot to mildly cold. The ocassional cows grazing the grasslands and the ever more beautiful houses of Schwarzwald added to the allure of the region.

The Black Forest occupies a small patch at the South-West of Germany. It’s secret is its passing beauty and its famous historical spots. Our destination was the land of the Cuckoo Clocks – Triberg/ Untertal area. Outspoken as a touristic spot never once did we face population explosion and traffic jams that one would associate with tourist spots. In fact it seemed like a very small town that was extremely friendly to its visitors.

During the half a day that we had at our hand, we went to the even more quite and nice little town of Untertal that houses the World’s Original Biggest Cuckoo Clock. After enjoying a scenic walk we then went on a purchasing spree before any of the shops close for the day. Our target of course was getting a good cuckoo clock. But to our dismay we found that everything was overpriced! Despite the hard bargains that we found in three or four shops we ended up getting a decent mechanical clock for our house.

We then made a few other purchases before heading to the other biggest cuckoo clock in Triberg (which is basically the outside of a commerical building). There was no proper public transport to this spot and we had to pitch in a few extra buck by cab to reach here. But other than this there was nothing much in this place. We then headed straight to what is supposedly Germany’s biggest waterfall.

I must admit the climate was a bit cold and the next spot we had picked wasn’t adding any warmth to the evening weather. But we still enjoyed having a good time, thanks to the relaxed and crowd free walk up to the foot of the waterfall – which was absolutely stunning (be it the largest or not)! In a lot of angles (by the camera and with the naked eye) it was a picture perfect scene. So much so that our six month old son couldn’t take his eyes off the roaring falls. It was a very enjoyable time watching him watch in surprise at the gush of fresh water 🙂

We walked our way back to our room and had a good night’s sleep. In the morning we visited the nearby Schwarzwald Museum, which housed an array of collections from local tradition to a wide variety of musical instruments to the more famous cuckoo clocks. One can easily spend two hours in the museum.

We then headed up hill to visit a beautiful church and then headed further up towards a scenic lake. I don’t know the name of this spot but it would definitely make an awesome picnic spot. There were a lot of kids playing around and almost a dozen ducks swimming in calm waters – something that you get to see in photos! We left the place, rather reluctantly, as we hardly had one hour to catch our train back home. Back in the town center we couldn’t resist doing some last minute shopping!

It’s sometimes sad to note that trips to such wonderful places can be shortlived, all thanks to the inseparable factors of time and distance; but we had to head back sooner than we hoped. We had a six hour journey ahead of us but somehow we weren’t really bothered by tiredness, only dazed by the sudden burst of energy from within! A day in the arms of mother nature had simply set our souls ablaze with happiness and a wonderful feeling!

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