After this quality time, I found out where there were remnants of the old wall and inquired as to where I can see any of the holocaust related stuff. After getting my answers I set off in search of history again. I walked to the Holocaust Memorial which was close-by. There was a set of hundreds of stone slabs on the outside and inside the memorial it translated into thousands of sad tales of how the lives of holocaust victims ended in sufferings and tortures; pictures of piles of naked bodies being disposed off like garbage; letters from people who were dying a miserable death every day and had watched their family being gassed or burnt alive; horror stories of how babies died of hunger while trying to suckle from their already dead mothers! Death and fascism were written in blood around those walls and I made an early exit out of that place. I had no doubt anymore that my heart wasn’t set in seeing the infamous concentration camps anymore (even if I had the time for it)!

I re-prioritized my plan and, after walking quite a distance, I reached Checkpoint Charlie. It was nothing more than a very small portion of the Berlin wall with some pictures on them. Then I proceeded to see the Berlin Museum of National Sciences and Zoology after quite some travel. It was here that I caught my first glimpse of the prehistoric world. Under the facilities of modern technology, the ancient rulers of this planet walked again in their bones and skeletons. This museum which should have been covered in a few hours was done away within an hour, thanks to my late entry! I once again ended up clicking hundreds of photos in a museum, simply out of hurry and in the hope that I can go through this back at home at leisure!

Now I headed back another long distance to see a part of the remnants of the old Berlin Wall and a memorial to it. I had to really walk long to reach this place as it wasn’t so well connected, esp. on a late Saturday evening. But it was mission accomplished at last! I saw what I came to see – the Berlin Wall as I had seen in documented pictures.

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