Then I went to Hackescher Market and roamed around a bit. I shopped for some time. I enjoy walking on my own during such travels rather than rely on guides or friends. You never know what happens next when your heart simply follows your legs! Before long I entered narrow alleys that contained another beautiful and completely unexpected offering graffiti!

I tried visiting the old Jewish Cemetery, but this was (unfortunately) closed. I grabbed quick lunch at a nearby park before continuing my walkathon of Berlin! I thought of going inside Bode Museum but wasn’t really sure if I had time for the big place. So I skipped it, took a quick look at the New Synagogue and walked to Oranienburger station from where I left off to Unter Den Linden. This is the place that forms the center of many tourist attractions. I went to the Brandenburg Gate and loafed around for some time. I headed off in search of the famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Once inside this wonderful world, the next hour or so went in sheer amazement.

There was so much intricacy in their work and the statues looked really alive that sometimes I was left wondering if this was a beautiful dream. Politicians, Generals, Leaders, Sportsmen and Entertainers adorned the few square feet that this building had to offer. Apart from these they offered explanations as to how the statues are made and even offered to wax your hands, photographing you with celebs in matching attire etc!

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