I am just back from a hectic day of touring Berlin (central area). I was so tired at the end of it all that I could barely move my legs to catch my return train. Yet here I am, a day later, trying to put into these few words what could, perhaps, be one of the most engrossing capital cities of the world!

I reached the Hauptbahnhof by around 7:30 on a fine Saturday morning. And I set out directly to Alexander Platz, hoping to climb atop the famous Berlin Tower. Unfortunately, I was far too early. I ended up roaming around the square for some time, and managed to take pics of a few old buildings including the Red Town Hall, the Old Museum and the beautiful Berlin Cathedral.

Then I went atop the tower and took a few breathtaking pictures and videos. Then I headed off to see the wonderful Sea Life (host of the famous Aqua Dome) Aquarium. I was utterly amazed by the beautifully maintained fish tanks and the variety of sea life.

One has to go through a small mirror maze before entering the Aqua Dome. This attraction really lived up to its hype. The dome in itself is huge at the center of a building; there is a small multi floored elevator running at the center of this and this is takes to the dome. One ends up getting a feel as if the whole building has been flooded and let loose with beautiful fishes!

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