Behind the Great Wall

Despite the rants above, I feel that Shanghai is definitely a wonderful city. So let me also draw a few positives I noted:

  1. People are always on knowledge mode i.e. observing and trying to learn anything and everything new.
  2. Folks are honest – perhaps one of the human measurable of a developed society.
  3. In the past week when I’ve traveled mainly by taxi, not a single curse word was thrown around in the roads.
  4. People seem to love children and don’t mind to show it out as well.
  5. People are least bothered by your appearance; so sea blue dye to your hair is completely okay around here.

In general there are a lot of things I’ve WOWed about since coming here:

  1. The MAGLEV – I am yet to travel by this; but what a great and audacious concept!
  2. A visibly better standard of living.
  3. The simple memory that a taxi driver, whom I may never know or meet again, decided to pay for the excess fare when he realized he made a mistake in understanding the address!
  4. No power cuts! Can you imagine?

But it’s just been two weeks. I do hope the city/ country lives up to similar standards throughout my stay here. There that’s done with. A thoughtfully crafted entry with a lot of bullet pointed lines about my first week in China! Keep watching this blog during the next couple of weeks. Travelogues upcoming!

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  1. Rajesh – am glad you're taking the change well in your stride. And I am sure we'll find our way out of situations as and when we face them. Whatever be it! 🙂 Good luck in your stint @ Shangai. And I am hoping to catch some pics soon 🙂 Have fun!!!

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