Behind the Great Wall

I’ve always felt that it is a commendable effort to manage a massive population – perhaps the biggest hindrance to true growth in my country, but that doesn’t seem to be such a big problem here. But I also admit outright that I’ve hardly seen a glimpse of this nation.

Right from the roads to the level of self governance things here seem admirable. I am still wowed by the well connected transportation system here. I am in one of the remotest corners of Shanghai and I am assured that there is a subway, tram and bus station all right next to me plus a trust-able network of taxis and the roads are flawless and the place is generally well kept! As I’ve mentioned above, the description may not hold good for the whole of China, but this is still worth admiring.

If one thing I am not completely satisfied with then it would be the care given to safety and hygiene in general.

  1. Pedestrians are not that respected as was the case in Europe – probably an unwritten law in direct proportion to the population?
  2. People don’t bother wearing seat belts!
  3. People don’t give a second thought before spitting in public places, sometimes even on the floor of big malls.
  4. I’ve seen people act cold especially when the realize there is a language barrier to bridge!

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  1. Rajesh – am glad you're taking the change well in your stride. And I am sure we'll find our way out of situations as and when we face them. Whatever be it! 🙂 Good luck in your stint @ Shangai. And I am hoping to catch some pics soon 🙂 Have fun!!!

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