Behind the Great Wall

I was very glad that there were a few people here who, even when not well acquainted with, were very forthcoming and helped us in a number of ways to get settled soon. By settled I mean helped in finding a home, get used to the place and so on. I know that, at the moment, it is impossible to even think of saying settled in its entirety.

First few weeks survival in a different country is a miracle and every time it happens you know some one is praying, thinking good for you! That’s the way I feel now. Presently the biggest problem being faced are:

  • Understanding the language.
  • Knowing and acknowledging that even a Chinese cannot master their language (as is applicable to every other language).
  • Appreciating the fact that the same word can have a different meaning given its accent; multiply that by the variants in the language and you end up with some almost bizarre sounding sentences.
  • Finally discerning the level of patience the Chinese can show to their most illiterate denizens (us).

My wife tried learning the basic words before travelling here and the moment she spoke to the first Chinese person, she lost a lot of confidence; that did not put me down in any way however – I haven’t even tried learning so far!

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  1. Rajesh – am glad you're taking the change well in your stride. And I am sure we'll find our way out of situations as and when we face them. Whatever be it! 🙂 Good luck in your stint @ Shangai. And I am hoping to catch some pics soon 🙂 Have fun!!!

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