Behind the Great Wall

It is now two weeks since I left the sanctity of my home and decided to pursue something new. The plan was on for almost two to three months but I admit the final set of events was triggered at an alarming pace! It was on a Wednesday that I was driving my vehicle to a very familiar work place, in the blissful December weather of Chennai, set to do tasks that I had grown comfortable to and chat with friends who are really close to me; and by the very next day I was told to be prepared to change it all quite soon and come Friday I was all set to travel!

It is not the first time that I find myself thrown into the ring when I am unprepared for, but every time I do I have this wonderful sense of losing purpose and starting all over again – afresh and motivated! It sounds a bit confusing till you experience it. There is a lot at stake for me here and if I get it right it may be the best decision I’ve taken till date.

A lot of my friends asked me – why China? why such a sudden change (that too when you are so well settled)?! was this move calculated? was money the motivating factor? Personally it is a change in environment; myself and my family will definitely need time to get used to. But professionally it is an opportunity (at least that is what I strongly believe) that I have been given! I know some gates remain shut for me for the time being, so I am just opening the doors that I can, and exploring the world in my own strange way!

There were a lot of remarks about how I may struggle in the new place – given the fact that I am vegetarian. Well for those of you reading this, I am (or shall I rather say we are)! But it is just a temporary set back. We’ve been through this once, we’ll get through this as well; although the language factor does add a lot of spice to it this time!

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Savi says:

Rajesh – am glad you're taking the change well in your stride. And I am sure we'll find our way out of situations as and when we face them. Whatever be it! 🙂 Good luck in your stint @ Shangai. And I am hoping to catch some pics soon 🙂 Have fun!!!

sekhar says:

Great post yaaar !

Anyways hope you are having good time there

facebook cannot be accessed in china …rite ! anyways ..hope you are doing good there !

nrajesh says:

Hey, all's well here. Yes I can't access FB, but somehow this kinda comment pushing seems to work for now 🙂

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