Bahrain Trip

I had real good fun at my home town, Chennai before I headed to spend three days with my sis, her hubby and her two kids in Manama, Bahrain and boy did I have some fun…

Bahrain though a small country has some really good infrastructure facilities and pretty good number of places to go for sight seeing.

What added to the fun was being taken care of the way I was, in my sister’s home 😀 My sis didn’t waste too much time and took me to one of the biggest malls in Bahrain. I was almost lost amidst the size of the jumbo mall!

Agenda number 2 was a visit to the newly constructed Bahrain F1 circuit. Being an ex-ardent fan of F1 I was obviously enthusiastic about the whole trip and it turned out to be just fine. We took a small detour and visited Lost Paradise, which was quite nice to look at and then returned back to the track. The beauty of the show was the cars and the highlight was Big Foot, which turned out to be a monster truck whose only interest was in crushing trashed cars!

We then rode to the Oil Museum and Bahrain’s first Oil Well which were mere stopovers to the more popular Tree of Life. The tree is so called thanks to the fact that this is the only living tree in the midst of a vast desert!

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Priya says:

Dear Rajesh,

Ur blog of Bahrain was short & sweet.The photos were great.U cud have stayed longer here.Next time come with Pavi,amma & Navneet.Take care!

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