Attention: Boy Gone Missing

There used to be a time, in our school days, when there was this chirpy little things in us that used to surface out of nowhere whenever the teacher left out for a few minutes or no one was present to take control of the class.

This person used to find comfort in the fact that all the other guys/ girls were more or less the same and one could find the noise level in the room would increase subtly yet gradually, until the teacher in the next room came and quietened the class with his/ her stares or by just a mere daunts.

That would not mean the end of it of course, but actually a brief hiatus before the winds unleashed once again with a storm made out of mere whispers! And before the teacher left for his/ her classroom, with a pride in their face (in spite of knowing very well what was to come) there would be chaos!

There was not much the leader of the class could do. Standing in the center of the room, getting a good load of scolding from another teacher for no fault of his/ her. One couldn’t help but pity their stance. It was like watching a cat on the wall; could actually feel their plight, sometimes, when they stand there just like that not knowing whether to join the crowd (which is what their heart desired) or to shh-shh the class, which seldom had an effect of hardly 1 minute!

Pestered to no ends they would end up writing the names of a few people who would cross their line of sight right there on the black board so the teacher coming in the next period would acknowledge their task and punish the culprit.

A few clever ones, however, used to take such names, not without appropriate reasons, in a notebook and the whole class would end up wondering who was it that got caught until the leader would send subtle signs as to whom he was about to report; while the guy or girl (which would be a rare case) would protest and demand a jury, furious at their names being written and would end up using a common friend to get their names struck off so that some innocent one could be blamed.

Ah! I guess there is no wonder then as to where we had been taught real life politics in the first place. Anyways, that is an altogether different subject.

Well, guess I got carried away in my thoughts. What I wanted to say in the first place had nothing to do with all this politics. I don’t know about you people, but sometimes I miss that chirpy person in me.

Having the comfort of no one looking over or ordering me, which is what I had always wanted during school (as was rightfully expressed during the P.T. periods), I now seem to have run out of words. Expressions become restricted to a frown, a smile and some artificial laugh. The chirpy guy seems to have run out of steam or worse seems to have left me.

So if you happen to see a guy who looks exactly like me and doesn’t do much other than talk nonsense, but can still keep at it without a break, seems like just another spoilt kid, is completely not shamed by anything in the world and could do all the other stuff which cannot be thought of in a CIVILIZED world, do tell him I miss him a lot and demand him back at once, to where he rightfully belongs.

Well until then I guess it’s back to my work in my PC (sigh!)…


Savi says:

Evalo feeling dear friend 🙂 yen yen? Pavi a paaru, Navi a paaru, become one of them in spirit and you'll get that guy back :):):)

nrajesh says:

Guess I wrote this in a rather dull mood; probably when work was really taking a toll on me! It is altogther a different matter that Pavi/ Navi had not yet joined my life back then 🙂

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