Angels In Our Midst

We often take too much for granted in life. Much time is lost in doing things and running around that we forget, not only the reason why we do them but also for whom we do it.

But then there are those few, who have lived their lives entirely for their near and dear ones (at least that’s how we picture them). I am not talking about saints or leaders here. I guess many of us would have had the opportunity of being part of a beautiful world, one that is nothing short of an utopian retreat; fragile memories that exist solely to remind us, that, there is nothing more powerful or sweet than love – grandparent’s love!

I’ve not seen either of my grandpas. My memory of my dad’s mom is that of a really sweet, affectionate and caring old woman. I have had the good fortune of being one of her youngest grand kids 🙂 You can bet that’s a privilege anywhere in the world! Her time came when I was just beginning to grapple the significance of this thing called death.

From then on it was the love of my mom’s mother that filled the pages of my childhood. There is hardly a significant event in my life that she has NOT been part of. At times of success she was behind scenes – smiling with pride and joy; and at times of distress – the best friend I could rely on.

Every time I needed someone to talk to, to clear my head or when I had the urge to seek the warmth of unconditional love or I had to share a secret – it would be her. She never preached, but her words and actions were thoughtful and wise, something that only age and maturity can bring about. I could be near her for sometime and talk nothing, but she would have already shared my thoughts!

It’s not just the invisible connect that I am in awe about, but the visible physical strain as well. I wonder, how is it, that a person can undergo so much pain and yet not care to speak anything about it! I guess I can stop wondering now. She hit the full stop that awaits us all in the end. I am thinking about the things that I have mused upon, but left unsaid; could she have connected (as always)?

My time at the fairy land is over now. But I know that fairies are for real! Only they don’t come with wings or a tiara on their heads. Wrinkled skin and unfaltering love would do fine as well!

I don’t think there is any way to downplay death. It’s the single most meaningful event after birth. It is the insignificance of this thing called life that puzzles me now!


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