All The World’s A Stage

God was in a good mood and decided to grant the wish of the 3 brothers who were austere devotees…

You can ask for just one wish, but no more; Ask for yourself and no one else” God commanded the 3 brothers.

Make me the healthiest person said the 1st brother…

Lo and Behold he started feeling fresh like a flower on a spring morning…Oh what’s the use? he cried. I should have asked for the much needed money!

Make me the wealthiest asked the 2nd brother hearing his elder brother’s mistake.

He was covered in wealth and he felt he could buy out just about anything in the world. I am feeling miserable too he complained. I am so unprotected. I should have asked for all the knowledge that is to learn!

The third guessing the way of the world simply said Make me the biggest Liar.

Aha! said he. Knowledge, health & wealth – I have gained it all!


maddy says:

Made me laugh out aloud! Nice thinking 🙂

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