All for Love

The old man was quiet watching the kids nearby waiting for the far off wave to touch their feet; a man of great wisdom, yet undone by silly lies; a man who was so eager to share his thoughts but with no one to hear him out. ‘Zilch’ that’s what he felt like now.

A pretty woman walked past him, the sand dragging her feet down; the waves pulling and pushing her playfully. She stopped for a minute to wonder at the beauty spread across her. A woman with so much riches yet deserted by the people she loved; a girl who had everything a girl of her age can want… everything sans true love. She felt the wind embrace her.

Black clouds were looming over the shoreline. The sea looked very beautiful… Threatening, still very beautiful; the sounds on the land were blanked out by the roar. Yet the waves seemed to have an unfathomable calm as if it knew exactly the purpose of its being; as if being completely content with what it had. There they stood staring with no purpose, with a need to be touched ” to be felt; to feel someone; to be spoken to.

It started to drizzle and very quickly turned to a downpour. With a sudden sense of urgency the sea cleansed their feet; the rain washed away their tears; silence engulfed them; nature continued her play.

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