All for Love

I don’t want to do anything with you. Please go away.“ The elderly lady was standing at the door, between her daughter and the house; between her daughter’s tears and smile.

Mom, I know you are upset. I know that what I have done has become the cause of your hurt. But think about it. We didn’t have a life anymore; not with the earnings you brought home. We were simply surviving on the fringe between life and death.“ The young lady was desperate to make a point.

But we had happiness, we had honor and we were… or should I say I was proud of the way we lived. Now can you bring them back to this life? Was I so bad a mother that I couldn’t even inculcate half the moral values that I had, to my child? We lacked money, I accept… no what am I saying – I lack money. I don’t have what you have now the wealth or reputation; but you lost the very basic thing a woman needs  – Pride!”

I can get you everything mom; whatever you desire. I can take away the pain from you laborious life. You are the only reason why I got into this; please don’t let me away from you.“

Her face masked in powder and other make-up was being slowly ruined by the streak of black mascara running down her cheeks.

You know what keeps a relation alive? It’s not the name we give to it nor is it the blood; it just runs on a thin line of trust and commitment to one another. You moved away from me long ago… no… no I just lost you on the way“

The lady stared into her daughter’s face for some sort of final explanation. The girl knew she had no words to answer the look in her mom’s face and made a movement as if to hug her, to soothe her mom; to give it one last try.

The door was slammed on her face.

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