All for Love

You know what I would do if I…“ he didn’t complete the sentence; his son cut in as usual.

I know what you would have done and I know what to do. Please spare the play acting and let me get on with my life.“

His retort left the old man staggering. But he knew his son needed him.

I can understand your anger. You know when I was your age I was in a similar…“

Do I have to tell you again and again? Have you no sense? Or do you think I am unfit to live on my own? I have the right to privacy. Please stop giving me discourses.“

But this is not just another sermon. It’s about you, your life. That’s what I am living for… have lived for. If only you’ll just go and tell them the truth.“

The truth dad! Of all the people in the world you are the most unfit person to even utter that word. You never had the guts to speak up the truth to me; ever! And now you decide that you are fit enough to lecture me! What makes you think you can talk to me like this and that I’ll keep nodding to your words?“

I know I have lied to you a few times. But it was not all important. They were trivial matters. I know what is good for you, I always have. Trust me.“

There was a brief pause when the ‘just out of teens’ kid was staring at the old man; there was a look which said ‘I know everything that I need to know

To be very honest, I doubt if you meant anything of which you said just now. And trust? That’s been dead long ago; between you and me I don’t think there is anything left as a RELATION and I wonder if such a thing ever existed.“

And he left the room.

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