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Every time you pause to make a decision, you are bound to have more than one choice at your hands, always. Now it is one thing that the choice you take moulds your life; at least that part of your life wherein you took the decision. So what happens to the other choice(s)?

It is the truth that the choice existed even before you made the decision. Whether you liked it or not is completely left to you; sometimes you would have end up taking one choice though you might not have disliked the other one(s).

Since it existed it continues to; it is not a differential entity but is rather a continuous one and is integrated with the very package of choices that was chosen for all decisions that need be taken under any given circumstance. I know choices don’t come in packages, but assuming so for better understanding…

So what happens to the neglected choice(s)? Do they remain to be used by another person for the same given circumstances? I don’t think so. In fact I believe, with every choice you end up making you split up, not physically of course. A part of you leaves you and follows the set of events that could possibly follow up after making the other choice.

Like one single stream of water branching out to different routes, you just flow along one path while your ‘alter ego’ takes the other one. You don’t feel it of course; there is nothing physical about the whole scene.

So how many branches or splits are possible for you? Do you dwindle with every other branch? It depends on the person you are. Many times, the different branched versions of a node reach the same common point and you continue with the travel without any feel of loss. You don’t dwindle with your decisions, in fact you tend to gain sometimes.

But at other times, you may have chosen a path which may not meet up so easily with the one which had branched off. All you get to feel is signals from the other branch; just a weak message from the other side. That’s the time when you start wishing you, the one traveling in this stream of yours, should have taken the other route.

Why do you need to feel anything when the branch had chosen you and not the other way round? I guess it’s because sometimes the varying paths have different speeds of travel. Some may drag you down while another may simply blow you to the next node. You just need to keep moving one way. And it is true that each choice has an optimized path for every one of us.

Sometimes you end up knowing if you chose the right thing and it is just that split of yours which has taken the correct path screaming out in elation. But in the end, you i.e. one of your ‘you’ will end up taking the correct path; so there is no bother. You continue the journey of your life.

What is this ‘next’ node? These are really more dependent on the problem being faced. Sometimes, a problem may have one node but many will have more than one. But different choices lead upto the different nodes and even the different nodes will have more than one choice leading upto them.

So why don’t you simply go back and take the better route? That is because it’s a one way trip and there is no going back and remember you don’t make the choice (though actually you feel you do) they are made for you i.e. they choose which ‘you’ will take which way.

And what if you end up taking the wrong choice? There is NO SUCH THING as the incorrect choice. All choices are correct in their own way. There are better choices to take you to the next point but certainly you cannot call them correct.

As to the question as to where this route is leading to/ what is the meeting place of all the choices/ where this matter of choices will end…  What’s the hurry; you still have a long way to go and to be very honest, I don’t know either!

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