A Whole New Day

Some days just don’t happen to be
Yet another day in your calendar.
No matter how much they try,
It’s easy to uncover the veils
And admire the beauty they bring along.

For me ‘tomorrow’ completes a small cycle;
One year of bonding is something so…
So beautiful, a bonding has begun
To weave itself into a beautiful piece of art
Right in front of my eyes, and I just can’t stop admiring it!

Some calendars are marked
With too many fun-days!
And I hope to begin the new ‘(real) calendar year’
With the hope of facing
A lot more such happy days 🙂

Let time slow down,
Let me cherish every single moment I can,
For some moments are gone even before
They are whispered… Taken away by those
‘Kind clutches’ of love’s wind!

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