A Vulture’s Dairy

You ready?

Yeah, I am! These rocks give us very good cover. Almost looks like a cave in here. And our bait is well set.

Ok. Just don’t talk too much. You know how they hunt. You might not get even one second. I see a shadow looming over our trap. I guess some stupid vulture is coming for it. Just keep your gun ready. Man I wanted to taste vulture flesh for so long!

They’ve been circling around our heads; like they will finish us off! Huh. What useless creatures they are. Anyway, this is a good way to survive… Filthy – yes, but a good way to live, at least till the supplies come!

What if this fails? They might never come near this place again!

Don’t worry. The camels are always there. Ha! Ok, ready? Here comes one…


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