A Vulture’s Dairy

Day 42
When we sight a prey, we torture them mentally, you know circle round and round high above their heads till they faint or break down.

It’s a sight to watch them die. They fight as if they can go on for ever. Yeah, foolish creatures! The desert spares no one and only a fool would battle with it.

Hmmm… Speaking of death, I am hungry. It’s been days since my last successful hunt. I wonder if I can spot anything. Let me stoop down a bit for the next few days. Maybe I can spot some tiny creature. There has to be one. The desert is full of them. Only the humans are scaring them away to their holes. They’re scoundrels I tell you, these humans!

Day 45
Ah! The wind, it feels great to have it in your side. It’s our only companion in this wretched land. What was that! Wait a second; I guess I saw something move near those rocks. Oh my… What a soft looking rabbit! Slurp! I wonder how it got in here.

Never mind… I guess I should be taking leave for now. Just watch me zap down on that and enjoy. It’s a pleasure to find a hunt so early in the morning, especially when you are hungry. It means you can munch on your breakfast at your own leisure. I wonder if any of my cousins have spotted it too. I can’t see anyone else nearby. Looks like my lucky day. I’ll be back with that plump mass of flesh in my beak. Yummy!! Adios!

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