A Vulture’s Dairy

Day 29
I’ll tell you what; seeing the camels over the past few days, I am gleeful for my way of life. I rule the skies. No one, I mean no one dares fight with me in here. I lead a truly sacred life, killing for my food and nothing else unlike some other creatures. And I need no bags to carry my food.”

And I support no one on these feathers. We vultures are an independent set. We roam free, care for no one and yeah, we really RULE our space!

Day 33
Many of my friends have perished in these desert mountains, over the past few days. It’s those weapons I’ve been talking about. It seems like those horrible humans have run out of their food and have been hunting some of us. Think of the audacity, challenging us in our lands! Uh…

But I am no fool I tell you. I have survived every hurdle, every single ordeal. I simply pluck them out of my way.

Day 40
It’s a strange life; famine in the lands will mean a good bounty for us. But that’s the way it goes. There were times when we had to go hungry for months together. No matter… Its famine time up here! Most of the dead carcass lies way over those big iron tanks that you see; I mean the ones with those big beaks. Yeah they do travel fast and kill even faster. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and you should know a vulture’s eyes never lie.

The trouble is we can’t get near those tanks without getting ourselves killed by one weapon or the other. Till those men move away I guess I’ll be hunting here on the safe grounds.

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