A Vulture’s Dairy

Day 18
They never lead a good life – these humans. Fight and kill each other and then cry over the ones they killed. That’s what has been happening over the past few days. It doesn’t matter as long as I get my fill from their bloody mess!

I guess they came to these parts not to hunt but to fight! I’ll tell you what, take those weapons of their hands and they are as good as dead. They don’t even know how to defend themselves. Speak of stupid creatures! Ha!

Day 23
I saw something grotesque today; something which I don’t want my worst enemy to see. In fact the image was so horrid that I am feeling sick all over. It’s those camels; mighty creatures no doubt, can take survival to newer heights.

But suddenly, I pity their existence. They’ve become mere carry bags for those dummy humans. If I was one of them, I would have kicked every single one who tries to load some ghastly stuff on my back.

Come to think of it, it was a bit funny to watch. All those camels following one after the other; some even carried humans. Yuck!

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