A Vulture’s Dairy

Day 1
Hi there… I am Jack the vulture. My nest is way over there, beyond those mountains. I can see it from here, but am not so sure if you will be able to! I’ve been living in this arid desert since I was born.

You see those dunes moving beneath us. Yeah! Well I’ve seen them do the same for ever. Damn sands, they never get tired do they? Keep shifting from one place to another troubling everyone. But I don’t want to curse the desert, because it has fed me to what I am.

Day 6
Do you see those ants moving amongst those sands? Well those aren’t ants exactly. They seemed to have moved in those parts recently and they are what I call scavengers.

Humans they call themselves; and even have the nerve to declare themselves as the rulers of the land.

Rulers, my toe; they don’t even know to hunt without those weapons of theirs. Weird things those weapons… They just emit some fire and noise and puff… the prey falls. I won’t get too close to them if I were you. They are really starved most of the time. Must be having the most disgusting digestive system…!

Day 13
It’s been long time coming, this entry. But I am having more pressing work – I have been hunting around for food you know. That’s the way you survive, look around this place for days together.

There’s no point in sitting idly over one place thinking how to hunt. That’s what those pathetic humans have been up to all this time. If you got to eat you have to earn it, it will never come to you.

There’s an untold law of the desert – life is about food and your survival. There is nothing clever about hunting – intelligence is only needed for survival, the rest, as they say, is better left to your instincts!

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