A Trip to the Medieval Ages

Moving on, the next spot that I covered was yet another noteworthy museum the medieval crime museum or the Criminal Museum as it is more familiarly known. It was in every way impressive to see such a massive and well maintained collection of facts and myths about criminals, laws, legislation, punishments, torture techniques and laws of torture, torture instruments, legal papers, important political events of the medieval period and what not. Though small by looks this museum should in no way be under-estimated for the depth of analysis/ research that has gone into making it, perhaps, the most well detailed museum of law in Europe!

Who would have known that there were varieties of shame masks based on the crime. The above one for example is for talkative women! There were different punishments for various types of crimes. But the torture techniques employed were grotesque and some even unpalatable to even think of! In fact not every prisoner was lucky enough to head directly to the gallows. He/ she had to undergo cruel punishments; some as minor (and funny) as being tied up and tickled all over the legs or some as unsavory as getting the bones in the limbs crushed slowly and painfully!

By the time I walked out of the museum I realized time was running out. I decided to speed up a little and skip the rest of the museums (maybe some other time 🙁 )! I ended up covering a couple of fountains, the Town Hall, the Plönlein junction, a completely desolated section of the town wall together with what looked like a small amphitheater and a few other fancy looking houses.

There was simply no time to cover the toy museum or the old craftsman’s (or handwerkerhaus as it is more locally known) house. Walking out through the Röder Tower, my legs were sore with all the sudden exercise! But it had been worth it. A trip to Rothenburg was definitely a trip down the medieval ages!

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