A Trip to the Medieval Ages

We’ve seen them in Hollywood movies but never has the cinema played down something like this. I am talking about the weapons. The guns, swords and the spears used during those times were not just weapons but more like immovable pieces of machinery! They were HUGE; some I am sure would have been burdened by three or four soldiers at a time and given the amount of armor a common fighter wore those days I can imagine how painful and tough it must have been to use these things during war!

Having spent a couple of hours in one single building, I decided it was time to move on. I simply followed the city wall and ended up in what was perhaps the most scenic spot in Rothenburg the castle gardens. To add to the beauty the weather was entirely cooperative and the sky picture perfect!

By the time I gauged up the remaining time I also realized it was time to refuel. I had an excellent lunch in one of the Italian hotels. Soon after walking out of the hotel I was surprised to see one of the most unforgettable sights in Rothenburg – Christmas; and yes it’s just October now!

Better known as the German Christmas Museum, Käthe Wohlfahrt offers in this rustic old town what no other modern one can do, Christmas – every single day of the year (except of course on Sunday’s, which everyone in Europe knows as siesta time)! This one of a kind museum offers every single toy, doll, décor items, jingle bells, Santa goodies, other fancy stuff, chocolates etc. that’s usually up for sale, in other places, during Christmas. I was spellbound by the interiors and blown over by the central X-Mas tree! Unfortunately every single item was overpriced and I ended up getting one of those tiny Christmas chocolates!

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