A Trip to the Medieval Ages

I walked the wall for a short distance before deciding to turn back. I then went to the first museum Reichsstadt Museum. When the lady at the counter told us it would approximately take one hour to cover the whole museum, she lied! If you are interested in arts or history then you could easily end up spending hours together in one single section of this wonderfully maintained museum.

It wouldn’t be fair to simply skip the museum as yet another landmark in the list of places seen, so let me give a brief gist – perhaps a word too belittling for things so well preserved! Reichsstadt Museum or the Imperial City museum consists of paintings and sculptures of historical value. In addition to this they’ve a well maintained weapons section as well as a section of significant religious importance. I particularly liked the paintings and the extremely well maintained armor/ weapons section. In a way I was simply clicking away pics all the time!

The paintings section was my first (direct) intro to art during European medieval era. I perhaps liked the second painting (by Arthur Wasse) I saw the most, for the amount of intricacy that had gone into making it.

Well these were just for starters. There were hundreds of paintings of Rothenburg, some portraying people lost in memories of time and some smaller ones depicting customs of those ages.

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