A Trip to the Medieval Ages

Rothenburg ob der Tauber or the old city of Rothenburg is perhaps one of the very few cities that comes bundled with its own city wall. It’s not just about the city wall or the museums that’s fascinating about this place, what strikes one the most as they enter one of the entrance towers of Rothenburg is how the whole town has been fabricated as one single historical unit.

I knew, from past experience, that some towers/ churches and a couple of museums were in the offing and it was so. But what took the cake was the content and depth of detail that had gone into creating or should I say preserving this idyllic old town!

I entered the town through the Gallows Gate. The initial scenes of horse driven chariots on old town roads was exactly the medicine the doc ordered for my routine life! I walked down the road for a little distance and was treated to the first sight the St. Jacob’s Church. The dome outside was quite big, but unfortunately was under construction. I guess it’s my luck to end up having such under construction sites in each of my Euro tours!

Anyways, not knowing where to go, I wandered here and there and ended up near the Historical Vaults and the old dungeon setup, which I didn’t enter. I then proceeded toward the right to St. Wolfgang’s Church. I climbed the city wall stairs near this and got a good view of the big church.

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