A Touch of God

Here’s something that’s never going to make practical sense. The chink in our “survival armour”. The impractical solution that just exacerbated our every day problems. Thanks God!

If this doesn’t make us understand the cynical nature of existence, nothing ever will. We, ladies and gentlemen, are the dullest beings to ever graze the surface of this planet.

God creates humans ? Humans begin to think & experiment?We create and innovate, albeit in an ever increasing magnitude of destructive sense?We begin to rule the earth in absolute command ? And out of nowhere, we give way to love. The Heart wins. JUST LIKE THAT!

Has it ever occurred to anyone that this piece of engine that’s at the centre of it all (literally speaking); this big thump-thump, always meddles in matters that’s of no business to it. Like the big know-it-all, that it is, it speaks back to us at times least expected and deserts us in our moment of true need. Oh the treachery!

I am not having a panic attack or anxiety or anything of that sort, in case you were wondering. WOW-this bloody mass of flesh is actually the root cause of so many unsolved medical mysteries as well. I am pretty certain that the poor brain is just an innocent accomplice in the wicked plot-getting all the blame for the psychological issues. This villian doesn’t just strike, it tortures.

And nourishes. And causes us unforgettable pains. And makes us learn to heal. And suffocates. And lets us live, not just survive. And tears us apart. Yet teaches us to love!

And that, is perhaps, the reason why we don’t get it… We don’t need to. This heart of ours, simply tells us to stop analyzing things; to do away with this questioning nature of ours, to put a lead on the never ending stream of thoughts!

If it is true that a good teacher is someone who shows you something new, but lets you decide what you wish to see, I am pretty sure we’re never going to find a guru better than our heart. While it does feel good to solve complex problems that life seems to throw at us from time to time (and agreed we’ve done some great stuff out there), there is a part of us that’s always craving to find questions that cannot be answered.

Given all our sensibilities, don’t we just think about growing wings and disappearing to our own fairy lands? Don’t we all have dreams and imaginations that we know can never be achieved in our given physical forms?!

Despite all the capabilities and abilities of our brains, isn’t the calmness of the mind that we all long for? Guess who’s going to walk us across the street then!

Yeah I agree, it still doesn’t make practical sense-why we love or what is the true purpose of the human heart. Surely it is not just biology!

It’s not here to walk you through the walls of this life or tell you where you need go. It is neither your tourist guide, nor a bloody GPS tracker!

Maybe it is not here to teach, but to make us learn; and grow. This impulsive and mercurial friend of ours is perhaps the last connection we’ve to the one true God-our soul. Cherish it!


Pavithra Rajesh says:

Wow, super! wonderful fact and I just love your style of writing!

Sripriya Srinivasan says:

Excellent Rajesh. ..so true. ..we need to connect our heart with our soul…

RL says:

“I am pretty certain that the poor brain is just an innocent accomplice in the wicked plot-getting all the blame for the psychological issues”

Awesome! I am not sure if you have read a book called “The Heart’s Code” by a neuro-scientist called Paul Pearsall. For the first time, someone in the medical community has observed (with a lot of courage) that “the heart” seems something more than just a piece of flesh, and seems responsible for emotions and even memories!

Even the romantics and mystics seem to talk of “the heart” almost as a vague allegory for the “softer side of a human being” – but here is a doctor telling you that there is actually a science behind this concept of the heart being at the centre of a human bring.

Highly recommend it!

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