A Special Swiss Trip

I’ve imagined this many a time, but thoughts are not close enough describe the feeling I’ve had over the past three days. We came to Swiss again at last! The turbulent personal situations we went through just about one year back only made the trip sweeter!

To even encourage the thought that we’ve toured our dream country would be farcical, for the trip only lasted three days! I can only say that we did a fair amount of looking around at the Interlaken area, which happens to be the most toured spot in Swiss (by Indians at least)!

We were on hectic schedule (as usual) but despite this the trip was special for it was Swiss. We started from Nürnberg to Zurich on Friday night and reached our hotel in Interlaken much later than planned (thanks to the queue at the Bahn office in Zurich Flughafen). After quite a long search, that could have been avoided if we had followed directions more closely, we finally reached our hotel.

Day one began and we found ourselves travelling towards Trummelbach Falls near Lauterbrunnen. The very spot where my favorite fictional hero seemingly falls prey to his arch rival (only to emerge again unscathed)! There are 10 big falls at Trummelbach and each is more spectacular than the next. It did get very cold with each passing cascade and we had to cut short our trek as our little one could not tolerate such chill winds and also because we had to press on further more quickly.

The scenic mountain views of Schilthorn were next. It was also more of a dry run of how much our toddler could take of high mountains. Schilthorn is around 2900 metres high, that’s pretty high enough to deliver some stunning views of its more mighty neighbors. We enjoyed the cable car rides (there were nearly three of these in a one way journey); but the view at top wasn’t as appealing as advertised. Guess we were a bit unlucky here. The clouds simply did not drift away as we were hoping. So after a bit of an uneventful stay at the rotating restaurant on top we came back!

We did a little bit of shopping around, but not many shops were open as it was a Saturday evening. We roamed around a bit, had dinner at a not-so-good Indian restaurant and strolled around a park near our hostel before finally calling it a day.

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