A Song for the Unknown Child

I was born in someone’s womb,
Cherished, nourished and nurtured.
I have been in the shop of candy
Built a castle on the sea shore.

I loved the rocking horse,
Also the carousel at fun fair.
I’ve founded many realms, in play;
Lost countless hours in peekaboo.

Alas my friends now lay scattered
Maybe I’ll see them no more.
My kingdom of heaven is lost too
Buried in cobweb memories.

I hardly care for carousels,
My life’s gone for a spin.
The rocking horse surely exists
Under the shattered roofs of home.

Castles are meant to be broken
But what about my little dreams?
I can no longer savour candy
After tasting my own blood.

I care for one more cuddle
I cannot see my mom
I am not a count, neither a statistic
I was born in someone’s womb, you know?!

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