A Small Prayer

Why do things begin to act so strange?
Just when you start racing up your age;
Just when you need to stick to your convictions;
Just when you are so full of life!

You have loads of chums around
And you have the world open to you;
Yet your mind starts craving for unknown desires,
Making you loose out on the fun!

To be like a fool,
Trespassing unfamiliar zones,
Traversing time with fear and agony;
Just when there are loads to come!

Making wishes to be with someone,
Hating and cursing others who
Love you the most;
Trying to cut out your very roots!

Not knowing where you head,
Loosing out on your morals,
Trying to search for one ray of light,
When all goodness is surrounding you!

Then to come back crying,
Thinking of all the lost good times;
Counting all your mistakes and sins,
You pass the rest of your days with tired eyes!

Oh Angel! Make this phase smooth
Let it not be a burden on these shoulders;
Let not a night pass disturbed,
Please fill it with dreams good and sweet!

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