A Shortcut to Heaven

Hell’s gate opened up
Swallowing me in whole
Crazy as it may seem
’twas not too bad at all.

I followed the path hazy
Leading to nowhere sure.
The way was not that scenic
At least I wasn’t there alone.

I reached the foothill
Of a mount so huge.
To prove my real worth,
Scale it somehow I must.

I was sure of my footing
The climb was fast & sublime;
Then I stumbled and stuttered;
The hill was probably cursed.

I saw what little remained,
Of many who meandered this way.
It was a ghastly scene unlike any
Nothing pleasant for me to say.

I understood I should look past
What was visible to the eye.
To overcome this fear,
I learnt to see the unseen.

The climb never ends
In this enchanted hill
I gladly made new friends
And this is a routine no more.

Providing a helping hand,
Lending a patient ear,
To understand and appreciate,
Is what makes up this race.

You master this game
And appreciate it more
The moment you fathom
That life is meaningless alone.

‘Tis written – when you think beyond “I”,
Learn to go past “them”
And find a solace in “us”,
You’ll find your portal to heaven.

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