A Memoir Of My Memories

After many long years I happened to meet a relative whom I had known, along with a few close friends, to bestow on me a childhood that was a dream cherished. She reminded me of some wonderful moments that has been long forgotten in the ever racy brain of mine. Today, I happened to visit a place which will always bring to me a “genuine” smile; not the kind that’s a showpiece at the corner of my lips but one which reflects the true sense of glee that glows in my heart (and spirit).

It is such a pleasant thing to be reminded of all those incidents and relatives who had spent an entire phase of their lives thinking and caring for my childhood. It is disheartening to see that the beautiful place (in my heart) that had once been occupied by those true worthy souls is now nothing more than dark and unclear cobweb-memories, lost and forgotten in the traffic of everyday worries and selfish thoughts. It is even more ironical that the renaissance of my unstructured and truly disillusioned mind had to be bought upon by someone whose mental/ physical condition is in a very fragile state. Life indeed has it’s own methods of teaching some lessons!

It makes me wonder as to what I am really doing or where am going towards. Is there any goal at all worth the prize of the most wonderful days of my life so far? Am I doing justice to my spirit by heading in a direction that has nothing more than dollar dreams and an unrealistic future in the offing?

Leave alone my memories and dull state of my mind, sometimes I feel as if I’ve run out of emotional equations and the ability to often react to many of the simplistic situations in life. I have a lot of thinking to do and indeed I need to do a lot more homework about my destinations both long and short. Life is unparalleled in it’s eccentricities and I’d be a fool to lose out in enjoying my share of it!

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