A Man’s Virginity

You wait for this day for years on end; hoping it would bring with it, the sweetest moments of life; and then when it comes, you stop and think if it was all worth it. You start catching stars and dreams which go flying off your net.

Moments will pass, when your brain shall come to question its own logic; when you long for time to hold on for one more moment; and that’s when time chooses to disclose its true villainous nature.

You’ll recall the moment when you had that first fling, when your heart skipped for the first time, when you were caught unawares in presence of a special someone, when you were tongue-tied for the first time. You will remember it as if it happened yesterday. You try desperately to travel back in time to feel it all… and start over once again.

Remember those moments when you spent an eternity sitting on your favorite part of the neighborhood wall, doing what a man does best – ogling! Remember all those cute girls who walked past as if it was the only purpose in their life? Remember the air that lingered during the moment when one of them gave you that out-of-the-ordinary look? Well… remember.

And yeah those times of playing (read fooling) around, after class hours (and sometimes during too!) roaming at your own will, not caring a dime for who or what came along; man those were good! You had that nerve to do things which even fools would think twice to do; and yeah, NO REGRETS!

Those night-outs watching movies and gaming, those awesome moments of cricket glory and the time spent waiting in the TT room, at obscene hours of the night, reaching a state when your mind fails to identify your own hand! And those eat-outs with all your close buddies, having the least bother in life…

Thoughts of me still remain trapped during that time when I roamed the streets aimlessly (some morons call this loitering); shopped for hours – yeah men love shopping too (in their own sweet way); watched a scary movie all alone (that was gutsy); spent aeons analyzing a match; talked rubbish in style…

Well I am not saying all these will never come again; all I can say is it will NEVER BE the same again, even IF revisited. For when you are about to loose the most important and the only self-built thing, you simply tend to loose a lot more than a chunk of your life. A bachelorhood ended – a man’s virginity lost!

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