A Lesson from the Sea

What do you learn from the sea?

With the power bestowed
On its massive arms;

With all the unknown
Amidst its midst;

With knowledge and wisdom
From aeons of existence;

With a roar that can
Silence an army;

With the wildest of storms
For it’s companion;

With a power that
Can mock human existence;

With attempts to reach
Into lands unknown;

With a hunger to swallow
Everything in its path;

With all those vigor and might
At it’s aide;

It never knows
What it is looking for;

It is never at quiet
Searching for the unknown;

It can never change
Its state at its will;

It can never fail to mirror
The sun’s friendly rays;

It cannot be dull when
A gorgeous moon smiles back;

It is at calm gently
Rocking a ship;

It is unfailing in giving back,
Be it a pearl or food or just a child’s smile;

It just lusts at the sky above,
Reflecting the stars in its lustrous skin;

It hides within
Life and soul;

You don’t have to learn from the sea!

Just put yourself in its place,
And you’ll realize one day,

You are the land, sea and much beyond!

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