A Heart To Soar The Distance

Lost in trance, I move around
Hoping the shackles would be broken
By your true love!

Half here and half there
I exist as a mere shadow
In your dreams!

Yet you continue to play
As if nothing happened
Between us!

All that I can do is
To pray for you,
Sincerely, honestly, truthfully!

If I am disillusioned by unfound Love,
Let me continue to embrace
That beautiful trap!

I feel I’ve been wronged
For separation isn’t what
I really asked!

As if to mock further, God made me a cripple
For I have no wings,
Yet kindly was I given a heart to fly!

Mortals shall woe over insignificant things
Condemned to lose themselves
In the maze of life!

It is not separation that I fear
It is the fact that you shall not truly know
What I am!

It is only your piercing eyes
That tears open
My stone cold heart!

Body withers,
Soul cries,
Yet Innocent Love lingers and I wonder how!

For now tears are all that I can spare for you,
For those are the only truth, my dearest,
In this bag of lies!

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