A Gentle Sob

It was a beautiful journey
Down the green mountain valley.
Cheerful and gay
I looked forward to every day.

The noise of the engine
Never spoiled our chatter;
The sounds of others around
Was lost in our laughter.

My mind persists still
On those scenes from our window sill.
Never ceased to amaze – that view,
Fresher than the morning dew.

Intoxicated as ever
Always living in present and past
Never did we look ahead
Journeys like this can never last.

When we halted in a little town
A few amongst us had to get down.
As if by magic or by fate’s little spin
We were in dismay, when our numbers did thin!

My time did come as well
Like a full stop at end of every prose.
Inevitable as it is, for any scene in life
This one too, shall come to a close.

I vacantly stare, so seemingly empty
Yet seeking from within an adventure of plenty.
Is that the sight of the lifting fog?
Or is this my heart shedding a gentle sob?


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