A Change In The Seasons

I was taking a stroll from work back to home, one fine evening, when I noticed how much the season had changed. The fields which were white with knee deep snow a couple of weeks back were now dull green; the pathways which I got so much accustomed to seeing with muddy footprints of unknown travelers had lost its enigmatic self; the trees which were at death’s door were suddenly springing back to life as if by magic, the early flowers were a beautiful offering from the neighboring bare bushes; nature was countering herself in every possible way as if to prove a point!

The sky was equally, if not more, involved in the act of changing times. The dull red streak across the light blue evening sky was so beautiful to look at that I almost missed seeing the peeping full moon that was engrossed in a race with the clouds. There was an amount of sadness added to its beauty though probably since it was just moments away before that charlatan of a lover, thoughtless of the rogue clouds surrounding her, disappeared down the horizon! Well I guess the sky has a love story of its own to tell.

Isn’t it remarkable how human mind can draw parallels from the mundane and the unearthly or from nature and its distinctive madness? My mind was jumping at drawing comparisons about my fate with the story happening in the sky and the transformations happening at the ground. Only in my case the tale was just beginning, while for the elements it was a routine argument; a steady state which they could maintain for aeons. And here I was struggling to come to terms with my small little world!

Perhaps poems can do justice to nature’s blooming bliss. But it’s just impossible to denote in words the change I am going through. Isn’t it strange that there is a bonding, beyond all physical sense, that would make you wake up every single day with some surge of emotion for someone unseen; that you should long to touch the frame that is only just beginning to bond with its own skin? I get a sense ever so conclusive, that those two eyes staring at everyone are but searching for me, and those ears are longing to hear that which was the first sound for its human self. In a way, I feel closer to god; only with the barriers of time and distance, that I can’t seem to conquer at the moment, I am reminded of my own limited human capabilities.

My mind seems tormented with jealousy and happiness. Jealous about those who are closer to whom I long to be with at the moment, and happiness that is beyond the reasoning of such simple words. But I know even amidst them, there is someone deserving than I, to the joy that I begot and in many a way I am happy that hitherto our unshared Love shall now be multiplied!

The moon seems to have lost the race this time for the clouds cover her deep. But with the grace of a real lady she still casts a beam, possibly for those below who admire her, to know that the show is not over yet! Perhaps she believes that the love of her life shall come back chasing away the shadows that mock at her misery! May the stars be her guide till then!

I realize that there isn’t much of a difference between what’s happening outside and within. While the frost and ice melted away preparing a cleaner, beautiful and in all probability a better looking tomorrow, one half of me was already left behind in the past while the other was jumping between today and tomorrow. It seemed the only salvation in both the cases was, letting nature take control and hope for the very best!

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