2018 – Climbing out of Trenches

2017 just came to an end. It has been a fascinating year for myself – of slipping down the slope and getting lost before, finally, finding what looks like a path back up the hill. I am pretty sure that when I look back the pages of my life, 2017 would probably be the one where I will remember knocking the door of hope.

The path my career took a trajectory in 2016, kind of carried on in the first quarter of 2017. I was rewarded for my good work and I was given another assignment which meant another move, another country to call home – probably our sixth move in seven years!

I must admit that work life has slumbered since then, but I have taken on larger challenges and cleared some long pending professional certifications to bolster my prospects. My wife followed suite and we are holding our cards closer to our chest than ever before.

For reasons good or bad, 2017 was the one where I understood the true potential of block-chain. I became an early adopter and got deeply fascinated by the various use cases (alt coins as they’re called). I was a little late to the party, but I did have great positives to take out of my first interactions with the world of crypto currencies.

What is life without drama, gains without losses, happiness without a tinge of sadness? I have been waylaid at least half a dozen times this year, falling prey for deceptions and blind trust, eventually annulling any gains that I made. It is a strange feeling, because at one point I felt a sunshine beam pulling me upwards and in the next minute realised it is counter intuitive to trust a single line of rope to pull out of life’s low points. The last thing I want to do is be gullible and give in to false hope.

Over time I have dug a trench in which I have literally managed to bury my life’s worth. What I truly believe is that, investing time in what I truly love is the only way out. With the collective effort we’ve put in this year I wish that we end up finding ourselves in a better place in the year ahead; more in control of our lives than in the years past.

I somehow believe (blindly once again) that 2018 will be the one. Here’s to the year ahead where we get out of our trenches and take this war head on. Hope I have a good story to tell the next year!

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