2010-2019: Reminiscing My Thirties

By late last year, we managed to successfully complete my son’s Upanayanam. This was nothing short of a mini-marriage for us! God willing, I hope to see a similar event conducted for my Nephew in the coming year.

Then in the spring of this year, I managed to break a very personal barrier – visiting The USA. Just under one year ago, I imagined this to be near impossible. But thanks to some good fortune and happy sequence of events, everything fell in place near perfectly!

There were a set of unfortunate events that I recall; I ended up losing some near and dear ones to the sands of time. This included my paternal uncle who helped me setup one of my key personal projects for this year – a visualisation of my family tree.

Heading soon into my forties, I decided to give more importance to my health in recent times. I have been making it a habit to keep hitting the gym more regularly and have a sudden urge to eat less and run more.

Writing this blog, I feel a sense of gratitude for the past ten years. There were a bit of heartache and sadness definitely, but I will consider them an inevitable part of life.

Beyond my own life, there is, of course, a lot happening in the world right now which makes me sit and wonder where we are headed. There are things which I thought to write about but never did; like climate change or the increasing mob attitude in all democracies of the world, but this is happening right now and is an unforgettable part of this decade.

This year ending post ended up being so different. That was more like the story of my thirties in a gist. Here I am in Holland watching the fireworks outside. It is looking like all this rant about global warming will need to halt a while. The world is in a mood to celebrate and invite the next decade with open arms!

Wishing the next years will help this world lead into a saner/ safer place. I pray that we get to celebrate some worthy heroes, meet new icons and I hope that humanity as a whole will somehow step up and play a more noteworthy role in this planet. While doing so let us rediscover our passion for adventure and love of originality. Never forget, this fight of ours was not outside, but always within!

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  1. Nicely penned 👏 Loved the way you’ve linked your other posts at the right places. Gives the reader a feeling of literally walking through your memory lane. Would love to read more of non techie stuff from you this year 😉

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