2010-2019: Reminiscing My Thirties

When I was feeling the most confident of my own self, I was struck a blow at work. I had to leave my project area of more than 10 years in a most unexpected and sudden fashion. To this day, I feel like I have been deceived from being given a well earned promotion.

With the support and confidence given by my immediate family, I decided to move into a new land once again. I moved on to The UK. It was a slow start, but I decided to break out of my shell and go all out at work, family, tech and all! I found a bunch of good friends at work and the next 2 years rolled by in the blink of an eye.

Although this would “literally” cost me hundreds of dollars, I found my craving for technology once again thanks to Apple products. Then when I was getting at ease with my life I was asked to make one more move, only this time for a more prospective role. To make this even more sweeter a deal, this was a land where I had dreamt of living when I visited it last during my European adventures – The Netherlands.

It is here that I finally learnt about the hidden but important world of crypto and was part of a happening community once. Then I explored alternate form of blogging and wrote some articles regarding current threats to online data privacy. I realised the power of drone photography & have been experimenting that with immense joy. In recent years, when work kept me busy, this website/ blog and these additional learnings/ writings kind of kept my soul content. These unconnected hobbies, alleviated my anger at times and catered to a healthy dosage of creative writing and craving for new technologies.

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  1. Nicely penned 👏 Loved the way you’ve linked your other posts at the right places. Gives the reader a feeling of literally walking through your memory lane. Would love to read more of non techie stuff from you this year 😉

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