2010-2019: Reminiscing My Thirties

The year is almost complete. In a matter of hours, we will step into a new decade and I will look back at the past ten years with a mix of emotions.

I stepped into the 2010s as a young dad and an enthusiastic techie. I had just come back from my first stay outside of my home country and there were many a great moment during our stay in Europe.

When I returned back to India, I reckoned my travelling days were done. I felt like I had seen all that I needed to see. In a way, I felt that I was stepping into my thirties exhausted and weary.

I got my very first car & fell in love with photography again, that resulted in more mini-trips. Then there were a series of unplanned events. I had a mini stint in China! Almost a year of unique learning experience later, I stepped up into a few memorable years at work. There was no progression of my career as such, but I felt at command and happy with the designated role & responsibility given to me.

Off work, I really felt happy with a new home and an altogether new found respect and love for family life once my daughter was born. We moved to a completely different place that we called home for next couple of years. We saw our kids grow up in a great community and join school. To see my little one step on stage and win accolades – oh it was joyous! It was fabulous to be in the midst of all this!

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Pavithra says:

Nicely penned 👏 Loved the way you’ve linked your other posts at the right places. Gives the reader a feeling of literally walking through your memory lane. Would love to read more of non techie stuff from you this year 😉

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