2007 – A Personal Flashback

By another five-six hours, another year will bolt the door and a brand new one will open itself up. To be honest the past one year has been fantastic to me. For it has opened new and unexpected vistas in my otherwise lull life. Call it the New Year spirit or flashback or whatever; I am tempted to look back at two important events during the past one year of my life and write something here. So let me begin:

The year 2007 began with a bang for one young man in Chennai (India); in fact it couldn’t have been better – getting married is something so special; after all it is supposed to mean a whole new beginning, a breath of fresh air in an otherwise dull life. It was most definitely a very big episode in this young man’s life for having seen nothing great in life yet, he was supposed to get into the hardships of it with an altogether unknown (yet beautiful ;)) person. How exciting can life get? Strange as with the other walks of life, this episode, incredibly adventurous as it can be, well sometimes, can be a trial of one’s true strength! Let me not get into the intricacies but putting it blindly as any other person would, marriage brings with it a sense of love/ excitement/ risk/ annoyance/ prospects/ anger/ warmth/ calm/ troubles and whole lot of other things which can’t even be put in words. Hoping the great kick start to a brand new life carries on in good shape.

If marriage was a wild card for me from a personal point of view, getting the first promotion of your career can certainly qualify to be one in my professional life. Certainly not that big, but ‘definitely’ worth mentioning! The feel good that comes with it is definitely great (I am not just speaking about the money here)! To some it’s an offing in the making for a prospective career and to some it’s about the honor of being trusted with more responsibility. It’s a just reward for all that effort, and blind faith, that you’ve put in so far in your profession and ahem… your company of course!

Considering that the whole of the last year has been sandwiched between these two events makes me wonder… can 2008 match the lovely things bought in the wake of its predecessor. Can things get better or any sweeter? But hold on, just a sec… just asking a few self questions here. Is it the beginning of good times or is it really the test of times in disguise?

All these feel good factors are certainly nice to have. But they do bring with them a lot of ‘responsibility’ that cunning villain of a word to a young man’s blithe. It’s not just about keeping your head high; in fact, not until doing so does one realize the true meaning of stepping in deep waters. The feel good factor seems to vanish at once and a sort of helplessness takes over.

But it’s not as bad as it sounds; give-or-take, these feelings are those that come once in a life time. And I am definitely not going to run for cover. In short I’d like to thank the almighty for whatever I am going through and am just hoping the New Year is an avenue given to me to prove myself once more in life. Hoping I live up to my own hype and trust the next couple of months happen to be as fun as ever. Life,  they say, is indeed beautiful! I certainly hope to get my share of LIFE during the year ahead!

And I’ll dare to wish every one of you who has survived reading this post A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!


KI says:

Sure Rajesh, your life has had an eventful year in 2007. 2008 will be more fun… 🙂 Best wishes for that 🙂 !!

Madhuri says:

Congratulations 🙂 on a wonderful 2007, lets hope 2008 can be anything we choose it to be!!!

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